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The Gold Standard logo is the registered trademark of The Gold Standard brand and is the property of The Gold Standard Foundation, an independent legal, non-profit entity established and incorporated in Switzerland. The right to display The Gold Standard logo is a proprietary right that belongs to The Gold Standard Foundation.

It symbolises a commitment to promoting excellence in the carbon markets through carbon credits that not only promise real and measurable emissions reductions but also contribute to local sustainable development.

The trademark enjoys protection in numerous countries of the world as well as unfair competition laws and trade protection laws. The Gold Standard Foundation has established terms and conditions for use of the trademark that ensure that only those who adhere to its values and objectives can acquire a brand-user’s license and display the logo.

The Gold Standard trademark may only be used in connection with activities belonging to the classes of service that it covers, and only with prior consent of The Gold Standard Foundation and acceptance of the Foundation’s Terms and Conditions. For each intended use, a logo denominator, or identifier, complements The Gold Standard logo. These denominators or identifiers are associated with specific conditions of use.

Carbon market actors can acquire the license to use the brand and display the logo. Each approved user is required to sign a legally binding licensing agreement with The Gold Standard Foundation that specifies the conditions mentioned above. These are located below:

How to apply for a Gold Standard logo

Download, read, sign, scan and send the attached documents to info@goldstandard.org

Logo Release Form: 

Click here to download the form.

Terms & Conditions:

Click here to download our Terms & Conditions


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