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What is a DOE?

A Designated Operational Entity (DOE) is an independent auditor accredited by the UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism Executive Board (CDM EB) to validate project proposals or verify whether implemented projects have achieved planned greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Gold Standard projects must undergo validation and verification by a DOE. The list of UNFCCC accredited DOEs is located here.

For more information regarding the independent auditors qualified to certify Land Use & Forest projects, please click here.

How does The Gold Standard engage with DOEs?

The Gold Standard Foundation recognises the added value that DOEs can bring to a rigorous certification process, and therefore engages with them on a regular basis to ensure that individual auditors are up to speed on Gold Standard rules and procedures. In addition to offering regular Gold Standard trainings, The Gold Standard continually seeks input from experienced DOEs to ensure that our processes reflect what is happening on the ground. This two-way communication ensures relevant feedback into our processes and allows for the continuous improvement of our rules.

The Gold Standard fast-track process

In response to concerns expressed with regards to the timeline associated with the pre-feasibility assessment of retroactive project activities, the TAC has approved the revision of the ʻfast-trackingʼ process, previously available to Gold Standard experienced project proponents only, and to make it an available option for all submitted retroactive project activities (inc. those within PoAs) as long as the DOE contracted for validation complies with certain criteria ensuring validation or verification teams are familiar with The Gold Standard rules & procedures.

17 May 2010:

Please click here to download the fast-track rule update for retroactive projects

The Gold Standard fast-track eligible auditors

Download the list of auditors currently eligible for fast-tracking

The Gold Standard DOE training sessions

On 5th December 2013, The Gold Standard Foundation hosted a DOE webinar. The presentation from this session can be found below:

Gold Standard DOE Webinar

For more information or to register for any of the webinars scheduled for 2013, please contact Ivan Hernandez.

Helpful tools for DOEs

The LSC Review Checklist is a helpful tool which should be used during validation site visits: LSC Review Checklist

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