What We Believe In

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We believe in a climate secure world where sustainable growth brings life-changing benefits to communities everywhere. To have any chance in achieving this, investments must go further and deliver more. So that a dollar invested in the planet delivers even more for people. If we reduce greenhouse gases, we must also improve health. When we conserve a forest, we will also create local jobs.  

We can do this because of the strength and rigour of our standard. Design is inclusive - projects must engage local communities, empowering them to maintain and extend a project for greater impact. Governance is transparent – from our board of directors right down to our individual projects. And outcomes are long-term, consistent and comparable, providing assurance that everything claimed is real and quantifiable. It’s this trust and confidence in outcomes that paves the way for more good.

How rigour in project design leads to greater impact


Our Values

Home / Our Story / What We Believe In
  • Pioneering
    For more than a decade, Gold Standard has shown how climate finance can achieve its highest potential. Now, we’re pushing this further, creating innovative new programmes and tools that can be integrated to deliver impacts at a greater scale.
  • Rigorous
    We will build upon our reputation for quality and rigour with more robust measurement of outcomes and deeper impact across the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Collaborative
    To realize our ambitious vision, we will join forces with strategic partners who share our goals and complement our strengths.
  • Transparent
    We were established to bring confidence, trust, and accountability to carbon markets. We will continue to take strides to improve transparency in our own processes and the broader market.

How you can help

Home / Our Story / What We Believe In

Calculate your footprint, including all ecological and social externalities. 

Decrease usage by increasing efficiencies and transitioning to renewable sources. 

Make a direct impact in the transition to a low carbon economy by investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve water and deliver life-changing socio-economic benefits around the world. Find out more>> 

The first two steps are your own. But if you’re ready to think bigger—to be a steward beyond your own backyard—we can help make your investment accomplish as much as it can toward a more sustainable and equitable world.