Our Principles

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All Gold Standard projects must adhere to the following principles:

Gold Standard Projects must...


Do no harm - complying with the UN Millennium Development Goals


Enhance sustainable development


Involve all relevant stakeholders


Deliver real GHG emission reductions


Be compliant with all relevant laws and Gold Standard Principles


Be transparent


Be continually and regularly monitored, reported and verified

Our Certification Process

Home / Our Work / Our Principles + Process

We don’t just focus on reducing emissions, we believe that improving the lives of people is just as critical. That's why our standard takes a participatory approach, uses social and environmental safeguards, and continually monitors, reports and verifies the outcomes. 

To achieve Gold Standard certification, projects must follow these simple steps:

1. Select

Read requirements to identify whether your project is suitable for Gold Standard certification.


2. Enroll

Open a Gold Standard registry account.


3. Engage

Review your project design with those affected by the project in a Local Stakeholder Consultation.


4. Finalize

Submit project documentation after addressing stakeholder feedback.


5. Implement

Begin project activity.


6. Monitor

Third party auditing of outcomes.


7. Report

Provide annual updates on development.


8. Verify

Projects undergo regular performance certification.