TerraClear – Creating clean water access one filter at a time

  • 6. Clean Water
  • 13. Climate Action
In Laos, over 80% of households must boil their water to make it safer to drink. Despite many taking this boiling precaution, preventable illness from drinking contaminated water is still a leading cause of death for children under five. But with a water filter at home, families can produce their own safe water every day.
The filters do more than just fend off thirst and illness. No more boiling water means buying and collecting less wood and fossil fuels, reducing smoke in the kitchen, and protecting Laos’ beautiful forests which have been disappearing quickly.
TerraClear is breaking down barriers that make clean water access a challenge for rural communities. Creative strategies and community focused education and promotion are allowing TerraClear to change lives a few liters at a time. They are aiming to provide 100,000 locally made filters to the people of Laos by 2019.
Project impacts/benefits
  • Average 40,000 tonnes of CO2e saved annually by the project
  • Over 40,000 water filters distributed up to date
  • Over 40,000 households benefiting from filter use thus far
  • 20-30 liters of clean water- the average daily household consumption, fully met by each filter