How important is water?
The World Economic Forum names water crises as the #1 greatest risk facing the world. Freshwater sustains life – neither people nor nature can exist without it. But many of the world’s water systems are dangerously stressed and experts predict that ‘business as usual’ water use will expose 4.8 billion people to severe water scarcity by 2050.

What is our goal?
Gold Standard is reviewing our approach to water activities within the broader context of Gold Standard 3.0 to embed management of water impacts into all relevant projects. Gold Standard's Water programme will remain in a road-testing phase until Gold Standard 3.0 is fully operational; therefore we are limiting certification to those already identified as pilot projects. All projects interested in the Gold Standard Water programme should contact the Secretariat before commencing any work towards certification.

Clarification Requests and FAQs

For project specific inquiries please see our FAQs or contact our technical staff via info@goldstandard.org

 Description  Fees (USD)
 Project eligibility assessment  $1000 (small-scale); $2500 (rest)
 Initial certification  $0.20/WBC; min $4000
 Periodic certification  $0.20/WBC; min $4000
 Annual report fee (waived if certification occurs in the same year)  $1500
 Certificate issuance (payable on sale of certificates)  $0.10/WBC


Please note that we are currently reviewing and revising our Audit Framework for Water projects as well as across our Energy and Land Use & Forest scopes, in addition to our approach on double counting. We will publish the details when these have been finalised.

Water Methodologies

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The following Water Benefit Standard methodologies are currently in development:

  • Drip Irrigation – With Coop Group, ClimateCare, and Jain Irrigation Systems

Check back for details in the coming months.

PDF icon Water Access & WASH Methodology

Please also see our new positive list for WASH programmes, developed to simplify the approach to the Financial Needs (additionality) Assessment.

PDF icon Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI) Methodology
File Water Access and WASH Project Example
File Water Access and WASH PoA Example