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Public Consultation: Simplified Methodology for Efficient Cookstoves

The Gold Standard “simplified methodology for efficient cookstoves” is now available for public comment on the PDF below.

This methodology aims to reduce the transaction costs for project developers while at the same time maintaining The Gold Standard level of robustness. We seek your valuable input to ensure the methodology is conservative, simple and widely applicable to project activities, whilst maintaining the highest level of environmental integrity. We are looking for specific inputs on:

  1. Defaults provided for ageing of stoves, baseline fuel consumption and wood emission factors etc.
  2. The different options given for determining the baseline fuel consumption
  3. Approach for determining the emissions from use of baseline stoves in the project scenario
  4. Monitoring approach given in the methodology including sampling guidelines

The deadline for comments is 30th March 2013 and all comments should be submitted to When providing comments please ensure you provide your name, organization, country and email address.


The micro-scale methodology is for projects that introduce firewood based improved cookstoves. The methodology incorporates suppressed demand elements and is applicable to projects that reduce up to 10,000 tCO2 per year. To avoid resource intensive Kitchen Tests, this methodology provides defaults for aspects like ageing of stoves, emission factor of firewood and baseline fuel consumption etc. The methodology also includes simplified monitoring and provides guidance for user questionnaires.

The Gold Standard Simplified Methodology for Efficient Cookstoves

Annex A – Sample Survey Questionnaire

For more information regarding The Gold Standard Suppressed Demand Methodologies and consultation process, please click here.

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