The Gold Standard Foundation
is a non-profit organisation

Legal Information


The Gold Standard brand name and logo are a protected trademark held by the Gold Standard Foundation. Any unauthorized use will be vigorously prosecuted.


1.  All information published on this website regarding rules and procedures for Gold Standard certification and registration, and terms and conditions of the Gold Standard Foundation is subordinate to the contents of the GSv2 Requirements and GSv2 Toolkit documents, their annexes and updates, the Gold Standard Terms and Conditions and the Gold Standard Registry Terms of Use.

2.  Although every effort is made to ensure that only reliable and accurate information is published on this site, the Foundation cannot vouch for the accuracy of any statements made relating to the activities and claims of other firms and organizations. Therefore the Foundation refuses liability for any decisions taken, based on the website content.

3.  The Gold Standard Foundation is a non-profit certification organization that neither sells carbon credits nor consults companies on sales. To locate firms that do, visit the Where to buy GS Carbon Credits page.

4.  The Gold Standard Foundation neither knows nor endorses the creditworthiness or reputation of any Gold Standard Registry account holder.


All Gold Standard publications and downloads are made available free of charge in order to advance the Foundation’s mission of ensuring that carbon markets make measurable contributions to sustainable development. Please inform the secretariat of any use of these materials for other than their intended purpose.

The Gold Standard Foundation is a non-profit organization that is incorporated in Switzerland.

This means that:

  • All contractual engagements entered into by the Foundation must conform with the provisions of Swiss law, and
  • Any legal disputes that may arise must be adjudicated in Swiss courts.
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