Recognised market participants


  • CO2 Balance

    A project developer that specialises in implementing African GS and CDM projects that focus on social and community schemes. This global company also works with organisations to measure carbon footprints, reduce environmental impacts and offset emissions.

  • Genesis Analytics

    Provides consulting services across Africa, India and the Middle East as well as other developing countries. Genesis Analytics turns economics into advice.

  • Hestian

    Runs public health & fuel efficiency projects in Southern Africa. These projects directly reduce indoor cooking smoke and reduce woodfuel consumption by up to 80%. All of the technologies that Hestian Innovation promote are locally made.

  • SouthSouthNorth (SSN)

    A non-profit organisation that directly pursues structural poverty reduction in Sub Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America by building Southern capacity and delivering community based mitigation and adaptation projects.

  • The Nova Institute

    An independent non-for-profit that strives for a healthy household culture in Southern Africa by developing and promoting ways to improve the quality of life of households through participative action research, project development and implementation in the domains of domestic energy, housing as well as household health and care. Nova works both independently an on a consulting basis for corporate, government, donor and NGO clients.

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