Recognised market participants


  • Action Carbone

    A France-based non-profit carbon offset advisory firm that provides project development services and is a Gold Standard NGO Supporter.

  • Arktik GmbH

    An innovative and independent company that aims to tackle climate change by integrating CO2 offsetting into the daily routines of car drivers. 
The ARKTIK card combines a fuel-card function with an automatic and precise process of CO2 offsetting.

  • atmosfair

    A non-profit foundation that offsets air travel emissions for individual travelers by investing in and developing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that meet the rigorous requirements of The Gold Standard.

  • Bischoff & Ditze Energy GmbH

    The Bischoff & Ditze Energy GmbH is a German based service provider for energy suppliers and industry. It has a diversified portfolio of offerings such as providing customer services in the fields of portfolio and risk management for energy and offering Verified Emission Reductions to help organizations make natural gas climate-neutral.

  • Camco

    A global developer of GHG emission reductions and clean energy projects. Camco has provided clients with project development expertise, technical delivery capabilities and policy advice for over 20 years.

  • Carbon Clear

    Carbon Clear, a founding member of ICROA, is a full service carbon asset management firm that helps companies around the world develop and implement carbon management strategies.

  • Carbon Target Ltd

    An integrated carbon consultancy specialising in empowering businesses and individuals, to take action against climate change by helping them to measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprints.

  • Climate Neutral Group

    A leading provider of climate neutral services and advisor on corporate offsetting strategies, founded in 2001 as one of the first voluntary offset providers in the world, with over 600 corporate clients.

  • ClimateCare

    ClimateCare is one of the longest established and leading environment-focused organisations in the carbon market. It originates and sources carbon credits on behalf of businesses, Non-Governmental Organisations and Sovereign States and runs many of the worlds largest corporate carbon offset programmes.

  • ClimatePartner

    One of the leading business solution providers for climate protections for companies. ClimatePartner offers consultancy services – working closely with the carbon disclosure project – industry-ready solutions as well as offset-services. ClimatePartner integrates carbon-management into the daily business of its clients. The company is based in Munich, Germany.

  • Climex

    Amsterdam based Climex, a subsidiary of Rabobank, hosts a monthly Collective Purchase Auctions for Gold Standard VERs on each last Wednesday of the month. Buyers can purchase retail volumes against wholesale prices in a safe and efficient transaction environment.
    For more information please contact us at +31 (0)20 305 6200.

  • CO2logic

    CO2logic is a Belgium-based specialist in climate advisory. We develop and propose high quality Gold Standard climate projects in Africa where people and climate are our prior concern. With the ‘CO2logic approach’ (calculate, reduce, offset & communicate) we support our clients in reducing their climate impact and energy costs while building sustainable competitive advantages.

  • EcoAct

    EcoAct is a France-based organisation with offices in Latin America, Africa and South-East Asia, providing services to public and private organisations in Carbon Strategy. As a Project Developer and an Offset Supplier, EcoAct is a European leader on the voluntary carbon offset market with several millions of credits retired on behalf of its clients. EcoAct is a proud member of ICROA. 

  • Ecofys

    A research and consultancy firm who was one of the Lead Developers of GSv2. Ecofys provides carbon advisory services in renewable energy, energy & carbon efficiency, energy systems & markets and energy & climate policy.

  • Ecogood GmbH

    Aims to make CO2 neutral living easy and convenient for everyone by offering a set of innovative ways to reduce and compensate CO2 in daily life. Following the principle “Reduce what you can, offset the rest”, users learn how to reduce their daily emissions while saving money.

  • EcoSecurites

    EcoSecurities is one of the world’s leading organisations in the business of sourcing and developing emission reduction credits from GHG emission reduction projects.

  • FairClimateFund

    A Dutch based carbon offset company that provides charismatics Gold Standard credits which benefit poor households and small communities in the third world countries.
    Phone: 030-2348210

  • First Climate

    One of the world’s leading climate neutral service providers with more than fifteen years’ experience as a VER project developer, buyer and intermediary of VERs and investment advisor in the market. First Climate Markets AG covers the entire carbon credit value chain.

  • Future Camp

    A Germany-based firm that provides carbon advisory and asset management services.

  • Greenwise

    OCO2 enables its clients to compensate for carbon dioxide emissions by supplying them with carbon offset credits that are purchased from clean energy projects certified by The Gold Standard Foundation.

  • GTZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH

    As a federal enterprise GTZ supports people and societies worldwide in creating sustainable living conditions and building better futures. Our services draw on a wealth of regional and technical expertise and tried and tested management know-how.

  • Hivos

    Hivos is a non-governmental organization with a head office based in The Hague. Hivos focuses on developing carbon finance projects that benefit pro-poor renewable energy, such as domestic biogas, clean cookstoves and sustainable agricultural practices. Hivos connects projects and programmes to buyers willing to aim directly at improving the assets and capabilities of people in developing countries, on top of the sustainable development guaranteed by Gold Standard carbon credits. 

  • Initiative Développement (ID)

    A French NGO working in Africa, the Caribbean and Asia. ID has extensive experience in carbon development and implementation in the field of community based projects (rural household biodigesters, improved cookstoves, etc.)

  • Islan Asset Management

    Offers a unique combination of expertise in emissions assets, emerging markets, trading, investment and risk management, that positions it to successfully pursue new investment opportunities in climate change.

  • Mavi Consultants

    Provides consultancy services for private companies, financial institutions and development agencies to adopt policies and practices to guide their businesses in terms of sustainable development.

  • Mercy Corps

    A US-UK humanitarian aid agency with European headquarters in Edinburgh, this organisation provides project development and project financial services, focusing on developing projects in areas of humanitarian need.

  • MONTANA Energie-Handel GmbH & Co. KG

    The Montana Group consists of four corporations, all specialized on the power and gas market. Today Montana provides an integrated offering of products and services including heating technology consultations and advice.

  • Myclimate

    A non-profit foundation that offsets emissions for individuals, companies and organisations by investing in well-chosen projects in developing and emerging countries, as well as in Europe.

  • Neas Energy

    Neas Energy is an independent energy trading and management company specialising in renewable energy and low-carbon development. Neas Energy operates in all of Europe and  provides solutions for global companies to invest in renewable energy and execute CO2 reduction strategies, drawing on its deep experience in international climate project development and financing.

  • Nordic Offset Oy

    Nordic Offset Oy is a carbon management and offset service provider, offering high-quality carbon offset products for offsetting cars, offices, homes, electricity, flights and events.

  • orbeo

    orbeo is the joint venture between Rhodia and Société Générale that combines industrial, environmental and financial expertise dedicated to GHG emission reductions. From project to market, orbeo covers the whole carbon value chain and has one of the biggest portfolios of Gold Standard projects in the market.

  • South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd.

    Develops premium GHG emissions reduction projects in cooperation with technology partners, identifies and contracts high quality emission reductions (CERS, ERUS and VERS) for large buyers, and provides distinctive carbon advisory services.

  • The CarbonNeutral Company

    With more than a decade’s experience helping clients reduce their carbon emissions, its comprehensive knowledge of the carbon markets and its quality assurance programme, The CarbonNeutral Company is one of the world’s leading carbon reduction companies.

  • The Original Carbon Co. Ltd.

    Provides climate change consultancy including carbon auditing (product and organisational) to acknowledged international standards, carbon reduction plans and offsetting strategies.

  • Trading Emissions PLC

    A UK-based firm that provides financing for projects, carbon advisory and asset management services.

  • Tricorona Carbon Asset Management

    A major international investor in and developer of renewable energy and energy efficiency emissions reductions projects within the CDM framework. Tricorona promotes GS projects, provides project funding, and acquires/sells GS credits to corporate and private buyers.

  • UPM

    UPM is a leading company in the international mandatory and voluntary carbon markets with offices in Germany and China. UPM supports its clients achieve their carbon offsetting goals by delivering high-quality carbon credits generated by transparent and ambitious emission reductions projects. Developed by UPM, these projects are not only helping to mitigate global warming but also supporting improving living conditions and creating a sustainable future for local communities involved.

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