Recognised market participants

North America

  • 3 Degrees

    Helps organisations to buy, sell and market environmental commodities such as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and verified carbon offsets.

  • Co2 Impact

    A carbon project developer focused on carbon offset projects that have a meaningful impact on local communities in Latin America. Current focus on energy efficiency projects in brick-making (ladrillero) and other ceramic sectors (alfarero)

  • E+Carbon

    E+Carbon develops carbon finance projects from efficient biomass cook stoves in Africa which offer the added benefit of improving public health and mitigating deforestation.

  • Impact Carbon

    Impact Carbon is project developer with roots in public health and entrepreneurship. They manage a portfolio of Gold Standard projects (CDM and Voluntary) in Africa and Asia, all with the common goal to have measurable impacts on health, economy and environment in the space of clean energy and safe water.

  • Less Emissions Inc.

    Less provides businesses and individuals interested in lessening their environmental footprint with a convenient and trustworthy option for purchasing offsets. Offsets are sourced exclusively from Gold Standard-certified projects.

  • Native Energy

    A climate solutions innovator and recognized leader in the US carbon market, offering services that reduce carbon emissions to fight global warming.

  • Offsetters

    As Canada’s leading provider of carbon management solutions, Offsetters helps organizations and individuals understand, reduce and offset their climate impact. At the same time, Offsetters develops and invests in high-quality offset projects that promote the adoption of next-generation clean technology.

  • Planetair

    Launched by the Unisféra International Centre, Planetair was created to support individuals, businesses and organizations seeking to evaluate, reduce and offset their ecological footprint and especially their climate impact.


    Offers a carbon offset program that acts in parallel with efforts to reduce man-made GHG gasses. It aims to raise people’s awareness of the fight against climate change and immediately offset CO2 emissions while awaiting the indispensable adoption of lower energy consumption habits in the long term.

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