Recognised market participants


  • Airshed

    Provides products and services that enable its clients to measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprints. Through a partnership with myclimate, it is building up a portfolio of high quality offsets credits for resale to end-use buyers.

  • Alpha Auctus Pty Ltd

    An asset portfolio manager with over 5 years experience that provides carbon advisory and capacity building services.

  • Climate Friendly

    A pioneer in providing innovative carbon management solutions in Australaisia, Europe and the USA.  Climate Friendly created GoldPower – a global renewable energy certificate product that uses Gold Standard projects and can be used to offset electricity emissions in MWh in any country.  Climate Friendly works with businesses that are ready to act to prevent climate change and help move the world towards a clean energy future.

  • Offset the Rest

    A carbon management consultancy that promotes the reduction of GHG emissions through sustainable and efficient practices, and facilitates the offsetting of any unavoidable emissions.

  • Zero Carbon Impact Pty Ltd

    A newcomer to the carbon market with a growing portfolio of carbon assets generated in Australia and New Zealand. It offers audit, advisory and offsetting services to its clients.

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