ForestFinest chocolate - a sustainable indulgence

The new ForestFinest chocolate is made from cocoa grown in a sustainably managed cocoa forest in Panama that captures more CO2 than is emitted through the production and transport of the chocolate bars, which are handcrafted from bean to bar by CocoáFair in South Africa. The chocolate comes in nine different flavours promising a sustainable indulgence for all conscientious chocolate lovers.


Join our TAC for Land Use & Forests

We are seeking two new members for our Land Use & Forests Technical Advisory Committee with the following expertise:

1. Senior expert (10-15 years experience) in Agriculture/Agronomy:


First Australian project earns Gold Standard certification

Over the past eight years, Carbon Neutral has established innovative large-scale reforestation projects which extend across 10,000 hectares of the Western Australian Wheatbelt – in the process creating Australia’s largest revegetation project based on carbon capture and biodiversity.