UNFCCC, Gold Standard, and the Clean Cooking Alliance Partner to Strengthen Carbon Finance Opportunities in Clean Cooking


The carbon market represents a critical resource in the pursuit of net zero. It has the potential to provide funding at the scale and speed necessary to bring about large-scale transitions in the world’s energy systems and economies. However, to realize this potential, the carbon market must be able to channel funding to those solutions that are most essential to meeting our global climate goals. Clean cooking is one such solution.


The importance of trust in the carbon market

Carbon credits are not tangible. You can’t touch the tonnes of CO2 that are not in the atmosphere. Regardless of your resources, it is hard to visit the projects you are supporting and see how the benefits of the credits you have purchased are helping to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And you might not have the right expertise anyway. Methodologies to calculate emission reductions and removals are complex, relying on complicated parameters and equations to estimate impact.


COMMENT: Blockchain for better: Untangling tokenisation and carbon markets

With the hype around web 3.0, it’s important to be mindful about which decentralised approaches to deploy in carbon markets, and – importantly – how to deploy them. Technology is agnostic toward its ultimate effect. Software can help you shop from your sofa or it can deliver malware that takes down an energy grid.

So it is with tokenisation of carbon credits.