Yannick Glemarec announced as new Gold Standard Foundation President, and Chair of the Gold Standard Board

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – 15 September 2023 – Following a vote taken at the board meeting on Friday 15 September, Yannick Glemarec has been elected as the new Chair of the Gold Standard Board of Directors, and President of the Gold Standard Foundation. Taking over from departing President, Yvo de Boer, he will serve a 4-year term.

Welcoming the appointment Margaret Kim, Gold Standard CEO, said:


Gold Standard approves aircraft contrails methodology concept

Geneva 7th August 2023, Switzerland – Gold Standard, the world-leading carbon and sustainable development standard, has granted approval for SATAVIA’s contrail management methodology concept. The decision paves the way for the future issuance of non-CO2 “Certified Mitigation Outcome Units (CMOUs)”, providing an incentive for aircraft operators to reduce the climate impact associated with aircraft contrails.


Protected Against Greenwashing: Subnational Climate Fund Achieves Gold Standard's Design Certification

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – 20 July 2023 Amidst growing concern that ‘sustainable finance’ is not delivering real impact toward global climate and development targets, Gold Standard today announced that SCF, a global blended finance initiative, is the first certified impact fund under Gold Standard’s piloting of requirements for impact funds and bond issuers.


Cargill and partners announce first Gold Standard-approved methane emissions reduction methodology for beef producers

MINNEAPOLIS (July 19, 2023) — Beef producers are leading the way toward the future of sustainable agriculture and hold the ability to mitigate methane emissions that address clima


New Methodology to Slash Methane Emissions from Rice Cultivation and Empower Smallholder Farmers

Globally, around 8% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions are produced by growing rice. If rice production was a country, emissions associated with it would be larger than the total footprint of Canada, Saudi Arabia, or France and the UK combined. The grain is also the world’s most important staple food-crop, helping to feed over four billion people.


A New Era in Climate Policy: Gold Standard and GGGI Launch Innovative Policy Certification Programme

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – 15 June 2023 – Gold Standard, the global standard for climate and sustainable development interventions, and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), an international, inter-governmental organisation dedicated to supporting sustainable economic growth, have today announced a new collaborative programme. This programme will enable the certification and crediting of mitigation outcomes from policy approaches under Gold Standard for the Global Goals.


Gold Standard, Milkywire and Murmur join forces in a new collaboration on credible contributions to global net zero beyond carbon credits

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – 22 May 2023 – This BVCM programme will provide operational principles, processes, and guidelines for companies to follow in order to make credible and transparent contributions to global net zero, beyond purchasing carbon credits. In support of these aims, these tools will also be available to project and portfolio proponents seeking to provide credible climate action through this source of finance. This will include those in the carbon markets as well as funds.


Navigating to Global Net Zero: Gold Standard Releases Climate Mitigation Framework

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – 22 May 2023 – For global climate mitigation goals to be achieved it is essential that business practices shift towards making a fair contribution to global net zero efforts and beyond. Navigating these waters has proven challenging due to a lack of clear definition of a 'fair contribution' and an overflow of initiatives focusing on individual aspects, leading to confusion and contradictory information.


New Carbon Dioxide Removal Methodology Launched for Consultation

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – 11 May 2023 – Gold Standard is pleased to announce the opening of a public consultation on a new methodology for biomass fermentation with carbon capture and geologic storage. This is the first Gold Standard methodology for carbon dioxide removal (CDR) with geological storage.


Innovative collaboration ignites the West African sustainability scene

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – 21 March 2023 – Gold Standard and the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Benin gathered in person last week to commemorate their collaboration, which was established in November 2022 During COP27. The cooperation between the parties is an effort to contribute to national and international socio-economic development through activities that reduce emission and build resilience to climate change, through the use of the certification products and services available under Gold Standard.