Innovative collaboration ignites the West African sustainability scene

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – 21 March 2023 – Gold Standard and the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Benin gathered in person last week to commemorate their collaboration, which was established in November 2022 During COP27. The cooperation between the parties is an effort to contribute to national and international socio-economic development through activities that reduce emission and build resilience to climate change, through the use of the certification products and services available under Gold Standard.


Views sought on Governance of MRV Methodologies and Digital Infrastructure as Public Goods in the Carbon Market

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – 25 January 2023 – The Open Collaboration, led by Gold Standard, the IOTA Foundation and ClimateCHECK are consulting on proposed framework that aims to improve the speed and reliability of methodology development within the Carbon Market. The consultation, led by the IOTA Foundation as part of the "Digital Infrastructure and APIs" working group, aims to improve data quality, interoperability and accessibility, as well as lower transaction costs for those working on climate and development projects.


Consultations launched about Digital Verification and Methodologies in the Carbon Market

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – 13 December 2022 – The papers, released today for consultation are outputs of a ‘Digital Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (DMRV)’ working group led by ClimateCHECK, which aims to increase efficiency, utility and coherence of emissions accounting, and particularly for emission reduction credits, and to inform how to upgrade and digitise quantification methodologies as well as verification processes and systems.


Opportunity for fund managers to ensure credible sustainable impact investments with Gold Standard.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – 15/09/2022 – Gold Standard has today opened applications for investment funds to join the two-year pilot phase of new impact fund certification requirements. These requirements have been developed to support serious sustainable funds in measuring, managing and maximising the sustainable development impact of its investments.

Gold Standard CEO, Margaret Kim said:


Gold Standard announces proposals to allow creation of digital tokens for carbon credits

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – 14/09/2022 – Gold Standard announces today the launch of a consultation on how the creation of digital tokens representing Gold Standard credits using blockchain technology should be managed.


Gold Standard and Partners start work to define future of digital carbon market

Gold Standard, with partners ClimateCHECK, IOTA Foundation and Cosmos Partners, today has announced the launch of three working groups that will explore next-generation digital technologies to transform today’s manual processes in carbon markets. The objective is to facilitate efficient, scalable systems that deliver real, exponential impact, particularly for those most vulnerable to climate change. The three working groups are:


Gold Standard signs a momentous partnership on carbon credits with Singapore

The National Environment Agency of Singapore (NEA) and Gold Standard have signed an agreement that enables Singapore-based companies to use eligible Gold Standard credits to fulfil a portion of their compliance obligations under the Singapore carbon tax regime. The eligibility requirements include the need for corresponding adjustments, and further details on these requirements will be made available by the Singapore Government. 


Gold Standard releases guidance to unlock climate action in supply chains and boost the value of low-carbon commodities

Amidst growing concern around the ambition and credibility of ‘net zero’ target setting, Gold Standard today publishes “Accounting + Reporting the Emissions of Certified Commodities” guidance that can unlock climate action in supply chains and enable concrete progress toward corporate climate goals.


Google.org backs Gold Standard to build digital solutions to help carbon markets work for climate justice

Gold Standard announces today a $1MM grant from Google.org Charitable Giving to develop an open, global collaboration on digital solutions for carbon market standards and monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV).