For individuals + small businesses: 

Purchase online via the Gold Standard website 

You can purchase credits from Gold Standard certified climate protection via our website. 80% of the proceeds go back to the project developers to help them maintain and expand their projects. The remaining 20% is used to cover VAT where applicable, variable PayPal and bank charges, and the administration costs for maintaining the platform and transparently retiring the credits.

Prices are set using the Fairtrade carbon credit pricing model as the minimum starting point and are adjusted upwards according to the size, complexity and added benefits delivered beyond simply reducing carbon.

The carbon credits you purchase are instantly and transparently retired in the Impact Registry. On completion of an order you receive an email confirmation from Gold Standard and a follow-up email with the purchase certificate and direct links to the credit retirements.

Visit Gold Standard Marketplace


For larger purchases: 

Direct from the project developers

The Gold Standard Impact Registry lists all the projects certified to Gold Standard. You can search and filter the projects that meet your strategic objectives and reach out to the project developers directly to make a purchase. 


Use a carbon consultant or retailer

International carbon consultants and retailers provide advice and can assist you to quantify your carbon footprint and select the right offsets to meet your specific needs.
You can find a list of reputable carbon consultants and retailers at the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) website.

Remember to ask them how much of the money you pay goes directly to the project developer. You may also want to ask if the project developer reports on how it uses carbon credit income.