Report: Valuating the benefits of improved cooking solutions

Gold Standard has published a research study by Vivid Economics that estimates the economic value of Gold Standard-certified project benefits related to climate, health, ecosystem protection, economic opportunity, poverty reduction and other development outcomes from its improved cooking solutions project portfolio.


Aligning the Agendas on Development and Climate

A newly launched initiative aims to help overcome knowledge and political barriers to promote sustainable development (SD). The SD Dialogue is a Party-driven initiative that focuses on promoting sustainable development through Article 6 of the Paris Agreement to allow for higher ambition in the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).


Offsetting: Success in projects, failure of communication

Sarah Leugers, Director of Marketing and Communications

This spring, I finally witnessed in person the spirit of Gold Standard projects.  And at the same time I realised why more companies aren’t supporting them today. The project activities are truly inspirational. Improved cookstoves are helping to drive an urgently needed transition to a low-carbon future.