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into carbon markets

We believe that carbon markets will strengthen and grow for everyone involved with greater credibility and transparency delivered through better access to market information.

By providing better information about supply, demand, and price variability of Gold Standard credits, we hope to support prospective buyers in accessing the pricing data they need to inform their purchasing decisions, provide project developers with confidence in the prices they can expect, and support sellers of credits in their marketing efforts. This 'Climate Finance Transparency Initiative' is part of our broader demand building strategy to eliminate barriers and build confidence in the market and will provide greater access to information to support market growth. To show your support this initiative or to sign up as an early adopter, click the button below. And find out more about the initiative in our FAQs>>

We’re committed to transparency in carbon markets:

Supporters of the Climate Finance Transparency Initiative:

“Transparency and access to information are crucial for maturing carbon markets to build the confidence needed for new supporters to enter the market and for current supporters to expand their commitments.”
Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
“Microsoft supports the Gold Standard’s effort to provide more pricing information. We believe that increased transparency is critical to the ongoing viability and success of the offset market.”
Rob Bernard, Chief Environmental Strategist at Microsoft