Fairly contributing to Global Net Zero webinar

For global climate mitigation goals to be achieved, it is essential that business practices shift towards making a fair contribution to global net zero efforts.



Fairly contributing to global Net Zero - Initial framework for organisational climate mitigation strategies

At the same time and recognising that this may be motivation enough for some organisations, others may need support in recognising the value of this shift in thinking and to have the tools and roadmap to implement it.

This document, a Framework for climate mitigation strategies, is intended for use by companies, their stakeholders and those that scrutinise corporate climate mitigation practices.


Fairly contributing to global Net Zero - Considerations for credible claims

This document provides supplementary input to organisations applying its associated document: Gold Standard’s ‘Initial Climate Strategies Framework for organisations’. Both documents are presented for initial consideration and use by organisations and for further discussion and feedback in 2023.


COMMENTARY on the Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting

New analysis and initiatives point to continued growth in voluntary carbon offsetting, including Mark Carney's Task Force on Scaling the Voluntary Carbon Market. This underscores the potential for markets to catalyse high integrity, science-aligned climate action.


Corporate Climate Stewardship Guidelines

Gold Standard has published “Corporate Climate Stewardship: Guidelines for best practice climate action” with CDP and WWF to help companies set ambitious strategies in the era of the Paris Agreement. Four key pillars to climate stewardship are highlighted:


Defining A Corporate Climate Finance Commitment

This guide, "Defining A Corporate Climate Finance Commitment" focuses on the third pillar, “Finance the global transition to a zero-carbon, resilient economy.” It presents the rationale and guidance for business to engage in climate finance in the era of the Paris Agreement, which builds on the market instruments many companies have used to drive decarbonisation beyond their own borders.


Business and the SDGs: Best practices to seize opportunity and maximise credibility

Geneva, Switzerland, 15 February 2018. Gold Standard and the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) Switzerland have published a report, Business and the Sustainable Development Goals: Best practices to seize opportunity and maximise credibility to help the private sector define and deliver against ambitious strategies to help the world meet the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.