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For a Climate Secure and Sustainable World

We manage best practice standards for climate and sustainable development interventions to maximise impact, creating value for people around the world and the planet we share. 

Established in 2003 by WWF and other international NGOs to ensure projects that reduced carbon emissions under the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) also contributed to sustainable development. Our next-generation standard launched in 2017, Gold Standard for the Global Goals>>, allows climate and development initiatives to quantify, certify, and maximise their impacts toward climate security and sustainable development. 

Gold Standard now has more than 80 NGO supporters and 1400+ certified projects in over 80 countries, creating billions of dollars of shared value from climate and development action worldwide.

+ Strategy

Theory of Change:

By creating robust standards for climate and development interventions that enable the credible measurement of impact, Gold Standard aims to create $100 billion in shared value by 2030.


To realize our vison and mission, our focus is to develop and evolve a flexible meta-standard that sets the benchmark for climate and development interventions and to push for greater ambition in markets and policy frameworks. Underlying this strategic focus, we aim to reduce costs and complexity and increase value for credible impact certification.


Our Team

Home / Our Work / Who We Are
Gold Standard Team

Addressing climate change and sustainable development requires technical leadership, diversity and a global mindset. Our Secretariat is composed of experts stationed all around the world. Please feel free to connect with our team.

  • Marion Verles
    Chief Executive Officer
    Zurich, Switzerland
  • Alt
    Owen Hewlett
    Chief Technical Officer
    Bristol, UK
  • Alt
    Sarah Leugers
    Director, Communications
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Sandra Genee
    Director, Partnerships and Business Development
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Alt
    Thomas Blackburn
    Director of Partnerships and Business Development - US
    New York, USA
  • Alt
    Miranda Bevc
    Finance Manager
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Alt
    Abhishek Goyal
    Senior Technical Director, Standards
    New Delhi, India
  • Vikash Talyan
    Technical Director, Standards and New Programmes
    New Delhi, India
  • Keith Black
    Technical Director, IS & Registry
    Dundee, UK
  • Alt
    Claire Willers
    Communications Manager
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Alt
    Matt Thomas
    Programme Manager
    Bristol, UK
  • Giancarlo Raschio
    Senior Manager, Land Use
    Berlin, Germany
  • Alt
    Deepak Kumar
    IT Manager
    New Delhi, India
  • Alt
    Sophie Jordi
    Finance Officer
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Alt
    Deepika Proothi
    Information Services Assistant
    New Delhi, India
  • Alt
    Olivia Bebe
    Platform Coordinator
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Alt
    Ema Cima
    Digital design officer
    Geneva, Switzerland
Governance Board

Our board supports our mission by providing financial oversight and strategic governance.

Senior Advisors
  • Alt
    David Shelmerdine
    Deputy Chairman, ClimateWorks Australia
    Melbourne, Australia
  • Timothy King
    Head of Research, Australian Equities Core, Colonial First State
    Sydney, Australia
  • Daniel Wiener
    Founder and President, ecos and Global Infrastructure Basel
    Basel, Switzerland
  • Silke Karcher
    European Climate and Energy Policy and New Market Mechanisms, BMUB
    Berlin, Germany
  • Alt
    Scott Harder
    Water Sub-Committee Chair
    Environmental Finance Group, USA
Gold Standard Governance Structure

Read our Technical Governance Guiding Principles and terms of references (TORs) here>>

Technical Governance Committee

Our Technical Governance Committee is responsible for ensuring the rigor and integrity in all our work. It's an independent body composed of market specialists that provide expertise, guidance and decisions on methodology approval, rule changes and appeals.

  • Alt
    Matt Spannagle
    Energy Sub-Committee Chair & TGC Member
    Independent Consultant, Belgium
  • Alt
    Anu Chaudhary
    Energy Sub-Committee
    SustainPLUS, India
  • Alt
    Dr. Meinrad Bürer
    Technical Governance Chair & Board Member
    EcoAct, France
  • Alt
    Steve Thorne
    Energy Sub-Committee
    SouthSouthNorth, South Africa
  • Tom Owino
    Energy Sub-Committee
    ClimateCare, Kenya
  • Alt
    Dr. Jacqueline Gehrig-Fasel
    LUF Sub-Committee Chair & TGC Member
    TREES, Switzerland
  • Alt
    Dr. Neil Bird
    LUF Sub-Committee
    Wood Rising Consulting, Austria
  • Alt
    Shigueo Watanabe
    Energy Sub-Committee
    CO2 Consulting, Brazil
  • Alt
    Sudha Padmanabha
    Energy and LUF Sub-Committees
    Fair Climate Network, India
  • Alt
    Dr. Tony Knowles
    LUF Sub-Committee
    The Cirrus Group, South Africa
  • Dean Thomson
    Water Sub-Committee
    World Vision, Australia
  • Alt
    Jessica Wade-Murphy de Jimenez
    Energy Sub-Committee, Atmosphere Alternative
  • Alt
    K. Kartick
    Energy Sub-committee, South Pole
  • Alt
    Susan H. Bragdon
    LUF Sub-Committee
  • Liza Murphy
    TGC Member
  • Lawson Henderson
    LUF Sub-Committee
    Rainforest Alliance

For more information on who we work with and how we are funded, please visit partners and supporters>>