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The table below provides details of Gold Standard Validation/Verification Bodies (GS-VVBs) at different stages of the GS-VVB Approval Process. Project Developers can choose from any of the following VVBs for GS certification depending on the Project Type and Certification Pathway. The list will be updated continuously to reflect the most recent status of the applications.

For contact details of the GS-VVBs below, you can refer to their listing on the UNFCCC CDM website>>

If you are interested in becoming a Gold Standard approved auditor, please complete the online exam>> for VVBs.

For any further information please contact vvb@goldstandard.org

S.No. Name of the VVB Gold Standard Project Type/Certification Pathway Eligible Auditors
CER/VER Labelling  Renewable Energy Labelling Gold Standard Micro-scale Gold Standard for Sustainable Urban Development
Community Services Activities* Other project types** Energy efficiency in Transport sector Land Use & Forests
1 Re Carbon Gözetim Denetim ve Belgelendirme Limited Sirketi (Re Carbon) Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
  • Anil Soyler
  • Sandeep Kanda
  • Sukanta Das
  • Goknil Tufekozdemir
2 Carbon Check India Pvt. Ltd. Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
  • Amit Anand
  • Anubhav Dimri
  • Kranav Sharma
  • Sanjat Kumar Agarwalla
  • Vikash Kumar Singh
3 AENOR International, S.A.U Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Luis Javier ARRIBAS ALONSO
  • Maria Mercedes GARCIA MADERO
  • Richard Daniel GONZALES TOLEDO
4 EPIC Sustainability Services Private Limited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • R Vijayaraghavan
  • A Prabhu Das
  • G Vishnu
  • R Madhukar
  • D Siddaramu
5 Earthood Services Private Limited Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
  • Shreya Garg
  • Anshika Gupta
  • Deepika Mahala
  • Sergio Bonanno Cruz
  • Marcelo Sebben
6 RINA Services S.p.A Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
  • Geisa Maria Principe Branco Saettoni
  • Champok Buragohain
  • Thais de Lima Carvalho
  • Giovanni D’Angelo
  • Fulya Ekinci Ozen
  • Tugce Kiratli
  • Rachev Konstantin
  • Rekha Menon
  • Laura Severino
  • Rita Valoroso
7 GFA Certification No No No Yes No No No
  • Martin Opitz
  • Gerhard Kuske
  • Martin Seitz
8 KBS Certification Services Private Limited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Sanjay Kandari
  • Chetan Swaroop Sharma
  • Ma Paa Puratchikkanal
  • Rohit Badaya
9 TUV NORD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Stefan Winter:
  • Rainer Winter
  • Kunal Rami
  • Robert Cheong
  • Oliver Quireza
  • Guadalupe Avendano
  • Raul Mitre
  • Fancy Zhao
  • Prakash Mishra
  • David Lubanga
  • Grzegorz Kochaniewicz
10 China Classification Society Certification Company Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
  • Zhang Ying
  • Zheng Ling
  • Li Xingtong
  • Xu Fangzhou
  • Zhou Wusen
11 CTI International Certification Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Application under review
12 LGAI Technology Center, S.A No Yes No No Yes Yes (except CDM Scope 3) Yes (except CDM scope 3)
  • Vivek Kumar Ahirwar
  • Sukanta Das
  • Shen Meng (Simon)
  • Hanshen Xue
  • Augustin Calle de Miguela
13 TUV SUD South Asia Pvt. Ltd. Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Eswar Murty
  • Javier Castro
  • Sreekanth Meesa
14 TUV SUD Industrie Service GmbH No No No No Yes No Yes (only RE labeling) Application under review
15 ERM Certification and Verification Services Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
  • Jonathan Avis
  • Sushmita Seelam
  • Neringa Pumputyte
  • Miguel Cortez
  • Huoyun Li
16 Bureau Veritas (India) Pvt. Ltd. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Pin Tian
  • Ram Desai
  • Samuel Mayieko Osongo
  • Fikreye Seda Atabek (Yucel)
17 Pangolin Associates Pty Ltd. Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Application under review


* Technology distribution (cookstove, CFL, biodigesters), WASH, etc.

** Renewable energy, waste to energy, industrial energy efficiency, etc.

NOTE: In addition to the above the following methodologies/Products require specific training to be undertaken prior to conducting Validation/Verification:

  • All ADALYs (SDG3) methodologies
  • Projects involving the issuance of Gender Impact (SDG 5) Statements