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If you have an eligible Gold Standard project that you would like to feature on our website, please read our Terms & Conditions, fill in this project profile template and provide it to help@goldstandard.org along with at least three high-resolution images and your logo. For more information>>

Due to high demand, it may take some time for us to add your project to our website, but we will do our best to feature your project as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in selling your Gold Standard Verified Emissions Reductions through our Project Marketplace, please email makeanimpact@goldstandard. Please note that you will need an active project profile page on the Gold Standard website to be eligible. See the instructions above to set this up. 

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emmissions
  • Improve health and livelihoods of the world's poor.
  • End deforestation
  • Contribute to food and water security
  • Conserve water and other natural resources
  • Help communities develop sustainably