Biogas plant in Turkey

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The Aksaray Biogas Power Plant (BPP) owned by SUTAS Group is one of the major companies in the dairy products sector in Turkey and has capacity to process over 500 million liters of milk annually.

In order to increase the sustainability and efficiency of their supply chain, SUTAS Group has established a biogas plant which uses organic wastes from nearby farms to generate electricity. It is expected to generate 14,938 MWh annually. Excess heat generated is used in the dairy plant processes while solid output from the digesters is used as high quality fertilizer in nearby agricultural land. The project represents a significant step toward increasing supply chain efficiency and will serve as a first-of-its-kind model for future projects in Turkey.

Project impacts and benefits:

  • The Aksaray BPP has an initial capacity of 2.134 MWe is expected as 14.938 GWh of electricity.
  • Saves 52,244 tonnes of CO2e per year from being emitted.
  • Plans to increase the capacity to 7MWe due to the waste potential in the region and demand from owners of the wastes.