Changbin and Taichung wind power, Taiwan

  • 7. Affordable Clean Energy
  • 8. Work + Economic Growth
  • 11. Sustainable Cities
  • 13. Climate Action
With this project, two pioneering wind parks harness the untapped sustainable wind energy on the island’s west coast. These critical new parks, the Changbin and Taichung, promote a less carbon intensive future for the nation. In addition to their positive impact on the global climate, the project generates jobs and benefits the surrounding environment. This project also involves regularly cleaning nearby beaches, planting local forest trees and 50 scholarships for local students.
Technically, the two wind farms consist of 65 wind turbines, each having a capacity of 2.3MW. At full capacity, the aggregated output of the project is expected to be 507 GWh/ year, which is delivered to the regional state electricity authority, Taipower.
These new wind parks are widely popular with the Taiwanese public, and have actually become tourist destinations. Parks now offer guided tours, and through educating the public this activity furthers Taiwan’s sustainable development.
Project impacts and benefits:
  • 137,191 households are provided with clean power
  • Project sponsor ongoing activities for Chongyang elderly
  • Regular beach cleaning events are organised near Datan Village with 100+ locals and employees participating
  • Scholarships awarded to 50 pupils of the local Ta Tan Elementary School
  • Each KWh of wind power reduces the consumption of 0.25 L oil or 0.37 kg of coal
  • 53.8 hectare local forest trees planted
  • 50 jobs were created by the project of which 24 full-time
  • 483,864 MWh of clean power delivered to Taiwan per year
  • Support provided to the Formosa Community, Taichung City, which offer first aid training, arts and crafts classes for mothers and a reading club.

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“We expect that the establishment of the low carbon island model can amplify the effort of energy conservation and the application of renewable energy for industrial development, and could gradually upgrade the idea of the low carbon community into a low carbon city and ultimately a low carbon country. With regards to working with the government in the promotion of renewable power, in addition to strengthening the promotion of wind energy, we will also be spearheading projects such as the ”Thousand Wind Turbines Project” in the hope of motivating the public to commit to the development of renewable energy to create an environment of power conservation and carbon reduction in order to achieve sustainable lifestyles and consumption.”
Jung-Chiou Hwang, Project Owner