Dora II Geothermal Energy Project, Turkey

  • 7. Affordable Clean Energy
  • 8. Work + Economic Growth
  • 11. Sustainable Cities
  • 13. Climate Action
Turkey’s GHG emissions have increased by about 85% since 1990, so cutting fossil fuel consumption is critical. This renewable energy project replaces carbon-intensive electricity from the grid with clean energy from geothermal sources.
By employing state-of-the-art technology, this project helps Turkey meet its growing demand for energy without any adverse environmental impacts. Technically, geothermal heat is brought to the surface through geothermal generation wells. The plants have installed capacities of 9.5MW and 6.5 MW.
The Dora I and II plants have brought investment, modern technologies, technical knowledge and new jobs to an agricultural region of Turkey. Impressively, the plant eliminates 90’000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.
Project impacts and benefits:
  • The project financed the rebuilding of a local nursery school and provided the school with modern equipment.
  • A farm with greenhouses heated by waste heat from the geothermal plant was funded
  • The project owner built a local public playground (with a basketball court) for children.
  • The projects generated extra employment in the region during both construction phase (200 additional employees) and operation (79 permanent jobs).
  • The project owner financed the road pavement in the local village to reduce the villagers’ exposure to sand and dust.
  • The project supported the introduction of a waste collection system (“çöp” written oin the bin stands for waste) in the village.
  • About twenty people underwent technical training and found permanent work (with improved working conditions) in the operation of the plant.
  • By replacing fossil power from the grid, air pollution and associated diseases are being reduced.

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“I am writing this letter in regards to Geothermal Power Production Company's donation to our nursery school. I would like to thank your company on behalf of the my institution for the build of the nursery building (68m2 , 2 we and wash-hand basin) and making it ready for education”
Erdinc Güner, School Manager, Salavath Town, Sultanhisar, Aydin, Turkey.