Improved Cookstoves for Social and Environmental Impact in Uganda

  • 1. No Poverty
  • 7. Affordable Clean Energy
  • 8. Work + Economic Growth
  • 13. Climate Action

This inspiring improved cookstove project, developed by Impact Carbon, was the first ever cookstove project to earn Gold Standard certification and is about to reach another major milestone – 500,000 stoves sold. The improved stoves sold to date have improved the lives of over 2 million Ugandans and saved families over $75 million in fuel costs. It’s been a 10-year journey for Impact Carbon and its stove manufacturer partners, from bilateral support for pilot projects, to project scale-up in partnership with ClimateCare, to project maturity and independence – all which have helped create a thriving improved cookstove market in Uganda.

Carbon revenues – obtained from the 1.25 million Gold Standard Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) generated through this project – fund 100% of the Program and are used to support Impact Carbon’s manufacturer partners to grow their businesses. Capital investments are provided for tools and machinery that streamline production and increase the efficiency of the stoves. These investments are coupled with best-practice guidelines and hands-on technical assistance, which ensure they can meet demand without compromising quality or efficiency.

Moreover, the project is now prioritizing demand for improved cookstoves by deploying large-scale radio mass media campaigns to deliver simple and clear messaging around the benefits of purchasing and owning an improved cookstove, mainly around reduced cooking times, lower charcoal usage and significant cost savings (as much as 50% less charcoal needed which can result in over USD$100 of savings per year).

Thanks to this project a nascent market with a handful of manufacturers is evolving into a commercially-sustainable market.

Project impacts and benefits:

  • 450,000+ efficient stoves have been sold to Ugandan households and schools.
  • More than two million people benefiting from lower energy costs and reduced indoor smoke.
  • 600+ retailers across Uganda increase their income by selling stoves in local markets
  • 70 local Ugandan artisans are employed making the stoves.
  • 500,000+ tonnes of carbon emissions are avoided by the project each year.
  • The use of 100,000+ tonnes of charcoal is avoided each year, lowering pressure of Uganda’s forests.
  • More than $100+ saved per household per year, savings which can be spent on school fees, uniforms and medical care.
  • Reduced exposure to carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals inside households.
“The stove is so great that if I had the money, I would buy them for all my friends! It saves me 1000 Shillings per day on charcoal compared to my other stove.”
Florence Kibuuka of Makindye Kampala, stove user