Improved Cookstoves in Southern Ethiopia

  • 1. No Poverty
  • 7. Affordable Clean Energy
  • 13. Climate Action

The Project Activity coordinated by the Italian NGO COOPI Foundation has involved the distribution of approximately 6,000 fuel efficient cookstoves to rural families in Liben, Gorodola and Arero woredas of Oromia Regional State, and Filtu and Hudet woredas of Somali Regional State in Southern Ethiopia.

Currently 75% of families living in the mentioned woredas cook with traditional three stone fires or inefficient stoves that consume large amounts of firewood. Firewood is practically the only fuel used in the rural areas because other fuel sources are unavailable or unaffordable. Also, a lot of time is used daily for collecting firewood. Cooking with inefficient method produces a lot of smoke, causing respiratory diseases. This happens particularly in women and girls responsible for cooking, but also young children and other people (e.g. elders) who spend a lot of time near the cooking places. Lastly, this method also has unintentional negative impacts on the environment.

The efficient cookstoves distributed by the project are locally made Tikikil Rocket Stoves produced in two local stoves producing cooperatives in the main centers of the project area, Negele Borena town in Guji Zone (Oromia Regional State) and Filtu in Liben Zone (Somali Regional State).

The goal of the project is to improve energy efficiency as well as the conditions of the local population. At the same time, the project will reduce CO2 emission by the reduced use of wood fuel for cooking activities. As a project consultant, Carbonsink is responsible for supporting COOPI in achieving the Gold Standard project certification.

Project impacts and benefits:

  • This project will provide the following co-benefits to sustainable development:
  • reduced deforestation and degradation of forest as less non-renewable biomass will be need for cooking activities;
  • reduced adverse health effects associated with smoke inhalation;
  • reduced poverty, as the efficient cook stoves reduces annual expenditure on cooking fuels;
  • reduced firewood collection time and reduced cooking time, which will allow more time to be spent on other tasks. 

For more information, please contact: info@carbonsink.it

“I like the project because it solves the problems of our community by reducing women’s workload and burden.”
Kule AreroLocal Farmer