Proyecto Mirador Enhanced Distribution of Improved Cookstoves in Latin America

  • 1. No Poverty
  • 3. Good Health
  • 5. Gender Equality
  • 7. Affordable Clean Energy
  • 8. Work + Economic Growth
  • 13. Climate Action

With 180,000 stoves constructed since 2004, Proyecto Mirador is the largest cookstove project in Central America. We have 165 people working on the ground in Honduras that are supported by a small staff in the United States. With 15 years of experience in cookstoves, the Mirador stove, the Dos por Tres, is durable and built to survive typical daily cook times of up to 8 hours a day.

The excellence of the project is validated with technology. We make 3 follow up household visits to each stove and our Salesforce.com data management system enables collection of use and household data on handheld phones.

Proyecto Mirador is a grassroots organization where demand for the stoves comes from users. We have spent no funds on marketing, rather our success has been through word of mouth: users telling others how wonderful the stoves are.

As a non-profit, all of Mirador’s proceeds from carbon sales are used to build stoves in Honduras without administrative or other costs from U.S. staff.

Project impacts and benefits:

  • 180,000 stoves
  • 450,000 people benefitted
  • 14.5 mTCO2e reduced per stove over 5 year life
  • 79% reduction in Carbon Monoxide and Particulate Matter
  • Lowest cost plancha stove solution
  • 4th stove project in the world to be registered Gold Standard
  • Created 17 microenterprises and 165 jobs
  • 5 trainings on stove use and maintenance
  • Outsourced system of stove construction allows easy scale
  • Partners with Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment
  • Data collected electronically as of 2015 165,000 surveys and 80,000 GPS stove locations

As well as supporting the SDGs highlighted above, this project also contributes to:

  1. SDG2: Zero Hunger
  2. SDG4: Quality Education 
  3. SDG15: Life on Land


“There is no smoke or dirt in my kitchen—and before my wood cost 90 Lempiras ($4.50) a week and now it only costs 30 ($1.50).”
Fidencia Montoyo Buezo