Sustainable afforestation in Togo

  • 3. Good Health
  • 4. Quality Education
  • 13. Climate Action
  • 15. Life on Land

PROJECT TOGO is an afforestation project that captures CO2 emissions while engaging communities to provide long-term co-benefits in the areas of energy, water supply, health, education and social affairs . The projects demonstrates how sustainability can be achieved by creating an ecosystem whose bio-capacity serves the diversity and stability of ecological and social life.

Through PROJECT TOGO, an area of 1,000 hectares is being afforested, bringing a multitude of benefits to the regional ecosystem. The project seeks to strengthen cooperative structures and include local stakeholders from the ground up. By working with local stakeholders in all stages of the project – from the establishment of nurseries, the growing of native tree species, to the supervision and management of forest and arable farmland, and the implementation of health, education, and civic infrastructure – the project is able to achieve long-term benefits that enhance natural and social resources.

As a result, investments generate a maximum impact in improving ecological resilience and diversity, and improving the lives of local communities. The resulting partnership between investors, project developers, and local people, coupled with its exemplary transparency, ensures that PROJECT TOGO’s commitment goes far beyond the goals of strictly carbon offset projects.

Project impacts and benefits:

  • 1000 hectares of fallow land afforested
  • Improvement of microclimate, soil and water quality
  • Mitigation and adaptation to climate change
  • Enhanced social and ecological resilience
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Employment and income for local people
  • Economic growth and sustainable land use
  • Health – Workshops about first aid, on-the-job safety, water and hygiene
  • Education –building of schools
  • Energy – solar panels for schools and private homes
  • Water – well-building

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“The implementation of this project is in accordance with our vision and policy regarding sustainable forestry management. The adding value of the forestry economy will motivate the population of the project region to preserve existing trees and therefor the vegetation of Togo too.”
André Kouassl Ablom JohnsoMinister of environment and forest resources, Togo