ZANBAL Agroforestry

  • 8. Work + Economic Growth
  • 13. Climate Action
  • 15. Life on Land

The emission reductions from this project are produced by 31 Malian farmers who work with Zanbal. More than 400 other farmers are planned to join this programme in the coming years. The project design is certified Gold Standard.

Zanbal is the Malian social business that organizes the exchange between the funder and the smallholder farmer for each plot of land. The latter captures 100 tons of CO2 by planting and protecting 100 trees that help fertilize the land in a geo-referenced plot over a period of 40 years. Zanbal is responsible for the Gold Standard certification of tCO2e emission reductions.

Project impacts and benefits: 

Each Malian smallholder famer receives 100 € a year for 20 years (2,000 €) for 100 trees grown and 100 tCO2 captured.

Once matured, these trees fertilize the land by fixing the nitrogen from the air and improving mineral levels in the soil. The trees lose their leaves during the rainy season, helping crops to access more sunlight to help them grow. The trees generate a yield of 1,000kg/year from associated crops. They also produce 1,000kg/year of pods consumed by ruminants, which fertilize the plot under the trees.

“Good project because simple, fair, transparent, and provides a direct impact to the farmer”