Annual Report 2021

2021 was an important year for our collective journey towards climate security and sustainable development for all. As the world came together at COP 26 to accelerate climate action, Gold Standard advocated for the adoption of ambitious rules underpinning Article 6. Immediately following the welcome decisions in Glasgow, work began on aligning our standard with Article 6 outcomes to ensure Gold Standard credits can be used for different and evolving purposes in a rapidly changing global market. 


Annual Report 2020

The year 2020 started with high levels of climate action, and despite COVID-19, we are grateful to see that this action continued throughout the year.


Annual Report 2019

While collaboration has long been a core value for Gold Standard, 2019 marked a special year of partnerships. At the core is our partnership with SustainCERT, our official certification provider. We also worked to deepen existing partnerships and forge new collaborations, from convening working groups to discuss markets in a post-Paris era, to advocating for SD provisions in the Paris Agreement, to engaging companies and investors wanting to demonstrate evidence for their sustainability claims.

Key partnerships and collaborations include:


Annual Report 2018: Pathways to scale

Having launched Gold Standard for the Global Goals in 2017, last year centered on several themes to scale our impact beyond project-level activities, including:


Annual Report 2017: Lift Off

The year 2017 was one of new beginnings. During the previous two years, we had focused on building the vision and foundation for Gold Standard for the Global Goals>>. In 2017, we officially launched this next-generation standard.

Gold Standard for the Global Goals represents the integration and evolution of more than a decade of experience across a breadth of climate and development work — poised to accelerate progress toward the Paris Agreement and the broader Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Annual Report 2016: Building the Foundations

We’re proud to have made significant progress last year toward building the core infrastructure for Gold Standard for the Global Goals, our new standard to accelerate progress toward the climate and sustainable development agendas. Working in close collaboration with Gold Standard stakeholders and experts, we created innovative new product and certification solutions to make the standard fit-for-purpose and scalable for the new climate and development regimes.


Gold Standard Annual Report 2015: A watershed moment for sustainable development

Our 2015 Annual Report reviews the impact we've made throughout the year, and we're proud of all our achievements.