Our new double-counting guidelines

We have updated our rules on double counting of emissions reductions. Double Counting is a risk that occurs where a Gold Standard carbon credit is issued from a project in a host country that engages in emissions trading (domestically or internationally). In these conditions it is possible that in addition to the claim on the Gold Standard credit a second unit is also inadvertently claimed by the host country or second buyer. This risk undermines the credibility of both the Gold Standard credit and the host country (or international) accounting.


ICS methodology guidebook + energy factsheet

In an effort to improve accessibility and streamline our processes for project developers, we are pleased to release the Gold Standard Improved Cookstove (ICS) Methodology Guidebook>>. Developed in partnership with the Fundación Natura Colombia (FNC), this guidebook aims to assist project developers in evaluating and choosing the methodology that is best suited to their cookstove projects.


Scope 3 Value Chain Interventions Guidance

Many companies are motivated to set value-chain GHG emissions targets and report on their progress, using approaches such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Science Based Targets InitiativeAs part of their reduction strategy, companies may employ 'Interventions' to help partners upstream and downstream reduce emissions. 


SDG Tool Guidance

Gold Standard and partners are pleased to publish a new guidance document to inform development of user-friendly tools that will help project developers capture the full range of their projects' contributions toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while also guarding against overclaiming, or "SDG washing."