In July 2017, we published Gold Standard for the Global Goals, our next-generation standard to quantify, certify and maximise impacts toward climate security and sustainable development. This new standard supersedes all earlier versions of our standards. To learn how to transition your current project to Gold Standard for the Global Goals, refer to our Transition Requirements>>

However, you can access documents from our earlier standard below.

How important are forests?
According to the FAO 13 million hectares are being deforested every year and an area of over 100 million hectares count as ’degraded forests’. Today, over 1.6 billion people’s livelihoods depend on forests, which generates an economic value of over US$300 billion.

To ensure we maintain the highest standards our Technical Advisory Committee meets on a regular basis to discuss regulatory decisions for methodologies, rules and procedures. For more information on our latest rule updates>>

Transition Guidelines
Clarification Requests and FAQs

For project specific inquiries please see our FAQs or contact us via info@goldstandard.org. For clarification requests regarding the interpretation of our requirements or guidelines please contact the technical staff of the Land Use & Forests Team. For more information on previously submitted clarification requests>>

 Description  Fee (USD)
 Annual Registry Account Fee  $1000 per account
 Pre-feasibility Assessment  $3500
 Gold Standard review  $1500
 Issuance fee  $0.30 per CO2 certificate issued

The certification costs from the independent auditor depend primarily on the scale, complexity and location of a project. A project must be certified every 5 years. The average price for an ‘Initial Certification’ is US$ 20,000. The cost of a ‘Performance Certification’ is about US$ 10,000.

A/R Methodologies

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The methodology to determine the net carbon stock of A/R projects is included in the requirements. The following guideline describes the procedure that needs to be followed for any methodology that seeks approval under the ‘Gold Standard Land Use & Forests’ scope:

PDF icon Guidelines for our methodology approval process