CARBON PRICING: What is a carbon credit worth?

First, let’s define value. The Natural Capital Protocol provides a good basis for its different aspects:


The role of voluntary carbon offsetting in a post-Paris world

A couple of months ago, the adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement was in the headlines of every major news outlet around the world. The Paris Agreement represents a major landmark, not only because of its significance as the first truly global climate treaty, but also because of the unprecedented mobilization of state and non-state actors in creating the right conditions to facilitate the adoption of a text that was agreed to by over 190 countries.
This unprecedented mobilization is tangible at every level.

Perspectives on the Voluntary Carbon Market

Ecosystem Marketplace, CMIA, and ICROA recently hosted a webinar to discuss the findings of the 2015 State of the Voluntary Carbon Market Report {{PDF}}, which yielded questions that seem to be top of mind across the market. Gold Standard shares our perspective on these pressing issues.