Future of Carbon Pricing

Having an effective pricing mechanism for carbon is fundamental to achieving the 1.5°C goal outlined by the Paris Agreement, which requires net GHG emissions to fall by 23 Gt worldwide per year by 2030.


Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition HLA

Gold Standard will host a workshop, "Carbon pricing: A virtuous circle in corporate climate strategies" at the CPLC High Level Assembly highlighting how multiple dimensions of voluntary carbon pricing can catalyse emission reductions within and among companies. It will feature several best practices for corporate climate leadership: Shadow pricing, internal carbon fees, direct investment in value chain emission reductions, and voluntary offsetting.


CARBON PRICING: Setting an internal price on carbon

With the risk and impacts of climate change becoming more evident and the need to pay for carbon emissions emerging as a part of the cost of doing business, more organisations and governments are looking to put a price on carbon. According to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) there are more than 1000 companies reporting that they price carbon internally or plan to do so in the next one to two years.

What is carbon pricing?