Gold Standard Annual Report 2015: A watershed moment for sustainable development

Our 2015 Annual Report reviews the impact we've made throughout the year, and we're proud of all our achievements. 


Q2 2016 Strategic Update

Dear colleagues and partners,

At the midway point of the year, I´m delighted to report that our team is making great progress in all of our initiatives. The below provides an outline of what we are currently working on and how this can support your activities. If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out>> - we welcome all inputs!


Strategy Update - October 2015

Hello friends of Gold Standard – old and new,

I’m delighted to report that our team has made an almost unbelievable amount of progress since we last shared an update. I outline here the initiatives we’ve pursued and how that supports your work (find further detail below). We will also provide an opportunity for all our stakeholders to ask questions to our management team during a webinar scheduled for 29 October at 15:00 CET, an official invitation to be emailed shortly.

In our last communication, we shared that our focus would be to strengthen our core by:


Strategic Plan Update

We are happy to share progress on our strategic planning process, which has been a team priority over the past months. I am very grateful to those of you who have spent time with us to share your insights into the market, the challenges you face as well as successes and innovation, and opportunities to collaborate in the future.
The Gold Standard’s strategy begins with our new Vision, Mission and Values—the pillars on which we build our plan.