New ways of valuing climate and sustainable development impact to unlock funding for innovative regenerative agroforestry project in South Africa

Gold Standard and R20 will work with TERRAGRN and partners to explore innovative ways of managing, measuring, and valuing its impact on the climate and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Valuing a diversity of impacts such as mitigation, adaptation, water, soil health, gender and welfare will allow projects like TERRAGRN’s to use the impacts as a form of collateral that increases the amount of investment in their project.


Impact fund requirements pilot launched

Impact management requires a fund to define an investment strategy that delivers both financial and positive social and environmental change and can be used to enhance financial and ESG data since they are two different types of metrics. The new Gold Standard impact fund requirements have been developed for fund managers wanting to make a positive contribution to sustainable development and towards achieving the SDGs through one or more of their funds.


Requirements for certification of adaptation design & outcomes - Terms of Reference

Gold Standard has partnered with Resilient Cities Catalyst’s (RCC) to develop standard requirements to help design and develop adaptation projects, furthering our support to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.


Gold Standard selected to support Pacific Alliance countries

Gold Standard will assist in strengthening national climate measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) systems to ensure transparent, accurate, and comparable emissions data that will track progress toward the goals of the Paris Agreement. This will help attract investment from existing and new sources of sustainable finance to accelerate that progress while directly benefiting constituents most affected by the climate emergency.


Gold Standard response to inaccuracies in ZDF report on Aldi

I am writing to you from the Gold Standard Foundation to alert you to inaccuracies and misleading commentary in your recent report on Aldi and their carbon offsetting programme, which involves claims and insinuations about a Gold Standard certified project.


Innovating in Carbon Removals

We are therefore pleased to announce the publication of two new carbon removal methodologies that meet Gold Standard best practice principles for environmental integrity and sustainable development. One nature-based solution, the other tech based, reflecting the two key ways of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.