Seeking organisations to test two new programmes

To enable rapid acceleration of robust action for climate security and sustainable development, Gold Standard for the Global Goals includes new certification pathways suited for large-scale activities. Today, we initiate a testing phase for two new programmes: 


Why Buy Carbon Credits?

Most businesses, as most people, would like to make a positive impact on the world. Most also prefer that it’s as easy as possible to do so. Supporting climate protection projects by purchasing Verified Emission Reductions (also known as carbon credits or tons of CO2) from Gold Standard has a return on investment that is difficult to beat. At its core, a carbon credit represents a direct investment in the transition to a low-carbon economy.


Renewable Energy Label: Call for projects

More and more businesses are setting ambitious renewable energy targets to spur the global transition to clean energy. Businesses can develop their own power generation assets, enter into renewable power purchase agreements, or access renewable electricity market instruments, which are also referred to as renewable energy certificates (RECs).


How can companies address their scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions?

In order to keep global temperature increase to well-below 2⁰C and meet the goals laid out in the Paris Agreement, everyone needs to take bold action to reduce their share of emissions and do so as soon as possible. Companies are responsible for the majority of global emissions and therefore play an integral role in meeting these goals.


Forests: Epicentre of natural and social capital

We intuitively know that forests are good. When I was a kid and I was told to go play outside, the forest was the most intriguing place to explore. Creating trails and forts, finding frogs, climbing trees. As an adult, I’ve deepened my appreciation for forests in hiking, cycling and snowshoeing through the wooded mountain terrain in my adopted home of Switzerland.


Gold Standard announces plan to launch new company to mainstream SDG impact certification

With support from strong partners, Gold Standard has made sustainable development mainstream in voluntary carbon markets. To catalyse the change needed to meet the ambitions of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), impact quantification and certification must also become mainstream – from corporate sustainability to impact investing.


Quantifying progress toward UN goal to ‘Empower all women and girls’

Geneva, Switzerland, 15 January 2018. Gold Standard has launched a new Gender Equality Framework within its standard ‘Gold Standard for the Global Goals’ to enable developers and funders of climate protection projects to quantify, certify and maximise contributions to empowering women and girls.


New Standard Launched to Accelerate and Measure Progress Toward the Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Targets

Geneva, Switzerland, 10 July 2017.  Gold Standard today launches Gold Standard for the Global Goals, a new standard to quantify, certify and maximise the contributions of climate and development interventions toward the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Gold Standard Governance changes

Ana ToniAna Toni, PhD

Member of the Board for Gold Standard

We are delighted to welcome Ana Toni to Gold Standard’s Board of Directors.

Ana Toni is the Executive Director of Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS) and Co-Founder of GIP (Public Interest Management).


UN Climate Change Secretariat and Gold Standard Announce Collaboration to Accelerate Progress Towards Sustainable Development Goals

BONN, Germany, 4 April 2017.  The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) secretariat and the Gold Standard today announced a collaboration to assist organizations, such as corporates, investors, regions, territories and cities, in setting sustainability targets and assessing the sustainable development impacts of their initiatives.

The partnership will build on the standard-setting experience of both organizations in the areas of   impact evaluation of climate and sustainable development (SD) actions.