The Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance

A new UN-led initiative to help finance cities to become more sustainable and resilient was launched at the Climate Summit in New York. The Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance, founded by 20 organisations including The Gold Standard, World Bank and Bank of America, will stimulate investment into low carbon and climate resistance urban infrastructure.


Amongst challenges shipping marks a new sustainability milestone

Despite being the most environmentally and energy efficient form of transport, responsible for carrying and distributing 90% of global trade, shipping is facing significant challenges when it comes to sustainability.

Indeed, with charterers scrutinising their supply chains for sustainability and efficiency improvements, as well as a new wave of environmental regulations that will see fuel prices spiral, the industry is facing seismic change.


New methodology for fuel efficiency in shipping

Developed by AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business, International® and FReMCo, this first of its kind, peer-reviewed methodology will allow ships to generate carbon credits, thus income, for the CO2 emission reductions they achieve.


New Funding Structures to Deliver Clean Energy and Development in Cities

Geneva, Switzerland Thursday 10th April 2014

Gold Standard Develops New Funding Structures to Deliver Clean Energy and Development in Cities

As governments and development experts meet at the World Urban Forum in Colombia, The Gold Standard Foundation has released the first-ever financing framework designed to inject the billions of dollars needed to scale-up clean technology and pro-poor development in cities around the globe.