WWF 'Blueprint for Corporate Action on Climate and Nature' Key takeaways for the voluntary carbon market

It is welcome, clarifying guidance and provides much-needed leadership for how to prioritise and implement various levers for change companies have at their disposal, helping companies focus their efforts for greatest integrity and impact.


Discerning Offsetting: The Right Projects Can Take You from Carbon-Neutral to Climate+

By making informed decisions on carbon credit selection, you can go beyond simply being carbon neutral to Climate+

What difference can carbon offsetting make for the planet, its people and your sustainability objectives? The answer is — a lot. But choice matters: Depending on which carbon credits you select, you may simply be compensating for your carbon footprint or — on the other end of the spectrum — helping drive development in vulnerable communities around the world.


Why Buy Carbon Credits?

Most businesses, as most people, would like to make a positive impact on the world. Most also prefer that it’s as easy as possible to do so. Supporting climate protection projects by purchasing Verified Emission Reductions (also known as carbon credits or tons of CO2) from Gold Standard has a return on investment that is difficult to beat. At its core, a carbon credit represents a direct investment in the transition to a low-carbon economy.


How can companies address their scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions?

In order to keep global temperature increase to well-below 2⁰C and meet the goals laid out in the Paris Agreement, everyone needs to take bold action to reduce their share of emissions and do so as soon as possible. Companies are responsible for the majority of global emissions and therefore play an integral role in meeting these goals.


Forests: Epicentre of natural and social capital

We intuitively know that forests are good. When I was a kid and I was told to go play outside, the forest was the most intriguing place to explore. Creating trails and forts, finding frogs, climbing trees. As an adult, I’ve deepened my appreciation for forests in hiking, cycling and snowshoeing through the wooded mountain terrain in my adopted home of Switzerland.


Aligning the Agendas on Development and Climate

A newly launched initiative aims to help overcome knowledge and political barriers to promote sustainable development (SD). The SD Dialogue is a Party-driven initiative that focuses on promoting sustainable development through Article 6 of the Paris Agreement to allow for higher ambition in the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).


How companies can avoid 'SDG-washing'

Remember the wild west of companies taking on environmental issues? The days where common practice was to place a claim like “environmentally friendly” on packaging and fluff up a corporate social responsibility section for an annual report. Effective in marketing terms, but not a lot of impact.