Corporate Investments into Forestry & Biodiversity Summit

Biodiversity and Non-Rainforest Landscapes

8 September 2021
11:30 EDT / 17:30 CEST

Gold Standard’s Head of Sustainable Finance, Felicity Spors will participate in a panel on Biodiversity and Non-Rainforest Landscapes, exploring the challenges and opportunities of investing in new arenas like coral reefs, peatlands, mangroves, and more. With speakers from the Landscape Finance Lab, UNEP Climate Finance Unit, EcoValue, and Commonland.


VERGE: Net Zero - Accelerating the transition to a climate-positive future

Chief Technical Officer, Owen Hewlett, will host an audience Q&A session, “Ask An Expert: Negative, neutral, net-zero...what?!” to field questions about how different terms relate to the factors that matter when it comes to climate impact, including the types of pollutants involved, time frame, use of carbon credits and the extent of the value chain covered by the commitment.

Tuesday 27 July 2021
2:15 PM Pacific US 


Carbon Markets and Regulation

Scrutinising the Taskforce: Is the TSVCM’s proposed roadmap the winning formula to grow the market?

16 July 2021
15:00-15:40 CEST | 09:00-09:40 EDT

Chief Technical Officer Owen Hewlett joins the panel in examining how proposals outlined by the Mark Carney’s Taskforce to standardise carbon credits could change the dynamic of the market. Will it affect the relationship between buyers and developers? Will it deliver a stable and higher price? What further action is required to increase engagement with green financiers and governments?


London Climate Action Week 2021 - Scope 3: The Key for Net Zero

Scope 3: The Key for Net Zero

01 July 2021 
16:00 CEST | 15:00 BST | 10:00 EDT

Gold Standard and SustainCERT are hosting a discussion with the Science Based Targets initiative and companies to explore how businesses can take climate action in and beyond their value chains and credibly report progress toward their performance targets.



Panel Session:

Scope 3: The Key for Net Zero


Green Smart Development and Vision

Gold Standard's CEO Margaret Kim, will deliver a keynote address at this annual event designed to generate innovative thinking and accelerate global applications and solutions, and will also participate in a panel discussion, "Green Sustainable Finance Transformation: How global financial mechanisms can be reshaped to lead the Great Transformation" with Yannick Glemarec, Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund and Frank Rijsberman, Director General of GGGI. 


NEUTRALITY: Conférence Nationale de la compensation carbone

To meet the global challenge of fighting climate change, an ambitious commitment to balance carbon emissions with carbon sinks by 2050 was made in the Paris Agreement. Companies are a key actor in this commitment and must commit to Net Zero by reducing their emissions in line with what science says is needed to stay below 1.5 degrees warming and take responsibility for unabated emissions along that journey by financing reductions beyond their corporate boundaries.


Forestry & Agriculture Investment Summit

Roundtable: Standards and Measurement

18 May 2021
13:10-14:00 BST | 14:10–15:00 CEST | 08:10–09:00 EDT

Head of Development and Finance, Felicity Spors, is joining the discussions on the role of certification, establishment of standards, simplification, and digitalization -- specifically looking at whether forestry and agriculture projects ESG returns can be managed if they cannot be measured? What KPI’s to measure? How to measure + how to report?


Joint Workshop on Aviation and Carbon Market

Hugh Salway, Head of Environmental Markets, is participating in two workshops to discuss and share progress on aviation and the carbon markets, including initiatives and developments in voluntary markets, latest on CORSIA Eligible Emissions Units and more.


Hay Festival Wales 2021

Change is coming.

There has been lots of talk about reaching Net Zero on carbon emissions but what does that actually look like for the average person on the street? How will achieving Net Zero by 2050 affect how we live, work and play? How will we heat our houses, travel to work and what will we be eating in a Net Zero world?

Two experts will outline the likely scenarios and take as many questions as possible from you, the audience.


Innovate4Climate 2021

Gold Stand will be participating in workshops for Innovate4Climate, the global event on climate finance, climate investment and climate markets.

Registration will open the 26 of April 2021