Gold Standard has launched a new tool to help developers more efficiently monitor, quantify and verify a project's contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Period of Consultation: 02/04/2021-04/04/2021

The voluntary carbon market is in the midst of transformative changes

Period of Consultation: 02/18/2021-04/15/2021

Gold Standard is updating its Technologies and Pra

Period of Consultation: 12/24/2020-02/10/2021

Earlier this year, Gold Standard published a set of principles to guide development of ne

Period of Consultation: 06/16/2020-08/21/2020
Period of Consultation: 05/14/2020-07/14/2020

In 2018, Gold Standard began reassessing the role of carbon finance in supporting the transition to renewable energy to reflect market evolution and to ensure that funding goes to interventions mos

Period of Consultation: 06/25/2019-08/26/2019

According to ISEAL Alliance “Setting Social and Environmental Standards” Code of Best Practice, the standard is updated on a regular basis to account for broader stakeholder inputs into the standar

Period of Consultation: 06/17/2019-08/18/2019

The Paris Agreement poses a new framework for carbon markets.

Period of Consultation: 06/03/2019-07/03/2019

Gold Standard is exploring the possibility of expanding its 'Renewable Energy Label Requirements' to include flexibility for retroactive Renewable Energy projects applying for Renewable Energy Labe

Period of Consultation: 12/17/2018-02/18/2019

Gold Standard expands the scope of its 'Renewable Energy Activity Requirements' to include Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) incineration project activities.

Period of Consultation: 12/17/2018-02/18/2019