Gold Standard expands the scope of its 'Renewable Energy Activity Requirements' to include Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) incineration project activities.

Period of Consultation: 12/17/2018-02/18/2019

This guidance is designed to support the Value Chains Interventions Guidance, with specific focus on how to select and apply methods for the quantification of Soil Organic Carbon (SOC).  SOC r

Period of Consultation: 11/28/2018-01/31/2019

To manage their carbon footprint, many companies have been focusing on reducing emissions within their direct ownership or operational control (scope 1) and from their purchased electricity, heat a

Period of Consultation: 09/19/2018-10/05/2018

Gold Standard is reassessing the role of carbon finance in supporting the transition to renewable energy to reflect market evolution and to direct funding to interventions most in need.

Period of Consultation: 07/09/2018-09/12/2018

Many companies are motivated to set value-chain GHG emissions targets and report on their progress, using approaches such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and t

Period of Consultation: 06/12/2018-07/27/2018

The voluntary carbon market has played a significant role in delivering climate action at scale.

Period of Consultation: 04/11/2018-05/10/2018

With the ambition of the Paris Agreement set at keeping temperatures rises ‘well below 2oC’ but country commitments that lead us on a path to 3- 4 oC, bolder climate action is needed from non-state

Period of Consultation: 09/21/2017-11/30/2017
Period of Consultation: 08/18/2017-09/17/2017

As part of its new standard Gold Standard for the Global Goals, Gold Standard will launch a new quality label for renewable energy market instruments.

Period of Consultation: 06/19/2017-07/21/2017

Draft MRV document, subject to this consultation, has been prepared in the context of Integrated Forest Management, which is executed by General Directorate of Forestry and is implemented by UNDP T

Period of Consultation: 04/28/2017-05/19/2017