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Climate and development projects in 70 countries
Tonnes of CO2 saved (comparable to the emissions of Denmark)
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You can make a direct impact in protecting our climate while helping the most vulnerable access critical services like energy, water and food.

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Gold Standard Supply Report
claire.willers | 25 October
Gold Standard Supply Report Q3 2016 The third iteration of our Gold Standard Supply Report has been released, providing the latest issuance and retirement figures for...
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Marion Verles, Gold Standard CEO: The Climate...
gabriel.kuettel | 14 October
WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ME AND MY ORGANISATION? While the adoption of the Paris Agreement and the commitments submitted by countries represent a significant step in...
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CARBON PRICING: Setting an internal price in...
gabriel.kuettel | 14 October
With the risk and impacts of climate change becoming more evident and the need to pay for carbon emissions emerging as a part of the cost of doing business, more organisations and...
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