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Climate and development projects in 70 countries
Tonnes of CO2 saved (comparable to the emissions of Denmark)
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You can make a direct impact in protecting our climate while helping the most vulnerable access critical services like energy, water and food.

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Fairtrade Carbon Credits: Supporting smallholders...
editor | 25 September
Climate change is having an enormous impact on millions of smallholder farmers around the globe, including the 1.5 million Fairtrade producers in developing countries. Extremes of...
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The Cool Farm Tool: Driving sustainability in...
editor | 25 September
Agriculture contributes significantly to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and often the largest release of emissions is not in the factory, on the road or from the packaging...
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Building bridges for the future we want
editor | 25 September
In 2015, several international policy processes have geared up to reach historical agreements. The countdown began with the Sendai global framework for disaster risk reduction in...
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