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Gold Standard is a not-for-profit organisation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Gold Standard is an associate member of ISEAL, the first climate-centric standard to reach the associate member status, joining a growing number of initiatives that are driving positive social and environmental change across multiple sectors.

The Gold Standard Board of Directors supports our vision and mission by providing financial oversight and strategic governance.

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    David Shelmerdine
    Deputy Chairman, ClimateWorks Australia
    Melbourne, Australia
  • Timothy King
    Head of Research, Australian Equities Core, Colonial First State
    Sydney, Australia
  • Daniel Wiener
    Founder and President, ecos and Global Infrastructure Basel
    Basel, Switzerland
  • Silke Karcher
    European Climate and Energy Policy and New Market Mechanisms, BMUB
    Berlin, Germany
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    Scott Harder
    Water Sub-Committee Chair
    Environmental Finance Group, USA

Our Technical Governance Committee is responsible for ensuring the rigor and integrity in all our work. It's an independent body composed of market specialists that provide expertise, guidance and decisions on methodology approval, rule changes and appeals.  Read our Technical Governance Guiding Principles and terms of references (TORs)>>

  • Sue Ellen Johnson
  • Alt
    Matt Spannagle
    Energy Sub-Committee Chair & TGC Member
    Independent Consultant, Belgium
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    Dr. Jacqueline Gehrig-Fasel
    LUF Sub-Committee Chair & TGC Member
    TREES, Switzerland
  • Richard Iliffe
    Energy Subcommittee (Observer)
    Bristol, UK
  • Alt
    Anu Chaudhary
    Energy Sub-Committee
    SustainPLUS, India
  • Alt
    Steve Thorne
    Energy Sub-Committee
    SouthSouthNorth, South Africa
  • Tom Owino
    Energy Sub-Committee
    ClimateCare, Kenya
  • Alt
    Dr. Neil Bird
    LUF Sub-Committee
    Wood Rising Consulting, Austria
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    Shigueo Watanabe
    Energy Sub-Committee
    CO2 Consulting, Brazil
  • Alt
    Sudha Padmanabha
    Energy and LUF Sub-Committees
    Fair Climate Network, India
  • Alt
    Dr. Tony Knowles
    LUF Sub-Committee
    The Cirrus Group, South Africa
  • Dean Thomson
    Water Sub-Committee
    World Vision, Australia
  • Alt
    Jessica Wade-Murphy de Jimenez
    Energy Sub-Committee, Atmosphere Alternative
  • Alt
    K. Kartick
    Energy Sub-committee, South Pole
  • Alt
    Susan H. Bragdon
    LUF Sub-Committee
  • Liza Murphy
    TGC Member
  • Lawson Henderson
    LUF Sub-Committee
    Rainforest Alliance