Addressing climate change and sustainable development requires technical leadership, diversity and a global mindset. Our Secretariat is composed of experts stationed all around the world. Please feel free to connect with our team.

  • Margaret N. Kim
    Chief Executive Officer
    Geneva, Switzerland
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    Owen Hewlett
    Chief Technical Officer
    Bristol, UK
  • Jean-Matthias Coulanges
    Chief Operations Officer
    Geneva, Switzerland
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    Sarah Leugers
    Chief Growth Officer
    Geneva, Switzerland
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    Miranda Bevc
    Chief Financial Officer
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Vikash Talyan
    Senior Director, Standard Development & Innovation
    Minneapolis, USA
  • Hugh Salway
    Senior Director, Market Development and Partnerships
    London, United Kingdom
  • Felicity Spors
    Senior Director, Sustainable Finance & Innovation
    Frankfurt, Germany
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    Jamie Ballantyne
    Director of Marketing and Communications
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Felicity Warfield
    Human Resources Manager
    Geneva, Switzerland
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    Plamena Georgieva
    Programme Officer
    Prague, Czech Republic
  • Caitlin Drake
    Policy and Data Analyst
    London, UK
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    Vaishali Vatsa
    Assistant, Energy Standard
  • Alt
    Tanaka Tabassum
    Senior Programme Manager
  • Alt
    Bhumika Thakur
    Senior Associate, Standards Development
  • Laura Smith
    Communications Manager
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Sophie Bornet
    Administrative Assistant
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Kavya Bajaj
    Government Relations Manager
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Eleanor Hamilton
    Technical Team Administrator
    Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Linda Sanchez
    Project Manager - Climate Impact in the Pacific Alliance Region
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Shraddha Gurlhosur
    Associate, Standards Development
    Indore, India
  • Alt
    Dominika Bednarova
    Senior Development Officer
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Lokesh Chandra Dube
    Senior Standards Manager (Energy, Land Use & Forests)
  • Keith Black
    Technical Director, IS & Registry
    Dundee, UK
  • Alt
    Deepika Proothi
    Assistant, Information Services
    New Delhi, India
  • Claire Willers
    Senior Manager, Market Relations
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Mireille Baser
    Executive Assistant
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Giancarlo Raschio
    Senior Manager, Land Use
    Lima, Peru
  • Alt
    Sophie Jordi
    Finance Manager
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Alt
    Ema Cima
    Digital Product Designer
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Anshika Gupta
    Manager, Standard Development and Innovation (Energy)
    New Delhi, India
  • Martha Djourdjin
    Assurance Manager
    Amsterdam, Netherlands