Announcing Gold Standard for the Global Goals

We are proud to announce the new name for Gold Standard 3.0: Gold Standard for the Global Goals>>
Our brand has always stood for delivering sustainable development impacts alongside climate mitigation. Now with an ambitious 2030 Agenda, we have engineered our standard to ensure that climate action also contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals in a meaningful and measurable way.
If we are to meet the ambition of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, action cannot be one-dimensional. Nor can it be incremental. For the transition to an equitable and sustainable world, impacts must be holistic, transformational, and delivered at an exponential pace.
Standards show us the best way to get the results we need. Gold Standard for the Global Goals>> is a comprehensive standard to accelerate global progress toward climate security and sustainable development. It provides the tools and guidance to deliver results on the ground in the most effective and equitable manner. Certification provides the confidence that results are not only measured and verified—but translate to real impact in social value.
The next consultation is now scheduled for Q1 of 2017. In the interim, we’ve provided updated FAQs>> to address common queries from our stakeholders.


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