Commodity Trading Week

Modernising the commodity supply chain for digital, sustainable and cost-effective supply chain

The covid-19 crisis has heavily impacted the supply chain in the commodity sector, highlighting the pain points and areas of improvement around logistics and supply chain management. 


Hugh Salway, Head of Environmental Markets at Gold Standard will participate to this following panel discussion:


Seizing Opportunities in Shipping Decarbonisation Panel Discussion

27 April 2022
11.15 - 12.25 BST | 12:15 - 13:25  CEST

MODERATOR  Voytek Chelkowski, Managing Partner, Seamind Blue Ocean


• IMO’s plans for ensuring transparency and accountability for decarbonisation in the shipping sector
• Overview of latest regulations & other standards to control shipping emissions - what do we see emerging in the years ahead?
• An overview of new digital initiatives: Which of these are most credible?
• Assessing the prospects for hydrogen and other alternative fuels
• Where do battery power and wind technology fit in the plan? Lithium alternatives, return to the sailboat?
• Future net zero carbon shipping: pipe dream or reality?

Media Category: Events
Event Dates: Wednesday, April 27, 2022