IN DISCUSSION: Voluntary Contributions or Crowd-Funding for Waste Projects?

Hosted by German Environment Agency

Thursday 30 September 2021
14:00-15:15 CEST


Degradation of organic waste in landfills turns the waste sector the third largest anthropogenic emitter of methane. Methane abatement can help to achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement and has positive near-term effects. Measures for mitigation by waste management are state-of-the-art and readily implementable. Yet, access to funding remains an issue. Hugh Salway, Head of Environmental Markets, joins a discussion on what are the possibilities and/or barriers of using voluntary compensations or crowd-funding to help finance methane mitigation or waste projects.


  • Dr. Olga Dickmann, bettervest • Karsten Karschunke, V 2.6 Climate Protection Projects, National Focal Point CDM/JI, German Environment Agency UBA
  • Florian Kölsch, Dr. Kölsch Geo- und Umwelttechnik GmbH
  • Pablo Fernandez, CEO Ecosecurities, partner of BV Rio
  • Hugh Salway, Gold Standard


Anja Schwetje, German Environment Agency

This session is part of the Hybrid Conference ‘The Challenge: Combat Global Warming with Waste Sector Actions’

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Event Dates: Thursday, September 30, 2021