Financing Cities of the Future: Tools to Scale-up Clean Urban Development

How do we prepare cites for the tremendous pressure that they will undoubtedly face in the coming decades? More importantly, how to we mitigate the stress on critical resources like energy and water before cities around the world reach a crisis?

To proactively tackle these issues, The Gold Standard completed a study that launches the first-ever financing framework designed to inject the billions of dollars needed to scale-up clean technology and pro-poor development in cities around the globe.

This ground-breaking study investigated the opportunities for sustainable, low carbon urban development by distributing multiple clean technologies within poor and middle-income communities in Delhi, India. It then examined the feasibility of using an innovative results-based finance approach versus Programme of Activities mechanisms to catalyse a combination of public and private investment that can be implemented on a large scale–with the proper rigorous governance to ensure real, long term outcomes.

Read the full report [PDF]

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